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I am a Notary Public serving clients in Bromley, Beckenham and South London.
Please visit the contact page to discuss or to arrange Notarisation or Legaisation.

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How much does it cost?

In most circumstances I offer a "fixed fee" service, agreed in advance. The fee will depend on the number and type of documents to be notarised. Please contact me to obtain a quotation.

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What is a Notary Public?

The role of a Notary Public is quite separate from that of a solicitor, even if the notary is also a solicitor.

A notary's practice usually concerns the verification of documents and information for use overseas. Typically, a Notary Public will sign and seal a document verifying that the identity of the signatory is genuine and that they are empowered to sign the document in the capacity they hold. Occasionally a notary will also verify the contents of a document, but usually his role is limited to verifying that it is executed properly.

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What does a Notary Public actually do?

A Notary Public will always check the identity of the signatory as well as their capacity and intention. This will involve the checking of certain documents such as a passport or driving license and separate proof of address. The Notary will witness the signature of the person involved and ensure that the document is signed in accordance with English Law and also in accordance with the legal requirements of the country for which the document is required.

A notary will take care to verify the contents of the document and check any facts and information necessary in order to be able to act in a reliable manner. Anyone receiving a notary's document will assume that they have checked all the facts in it and taken the responsibility for them unless they make it clear that this is not the case.

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Who needs a Notary Public?

Anybody with business, financial or property dealings in another country is likely to need a notary in this country.

Currently, the people most likely to need documents notarised are:

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What services does Notary Public Bromley offer?

Notaries generally act as legally trained impartial witnesses to certify documents for use outside the UK.

Notary Public Bromley offers:

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If you are signing a document on behalf of a company, I will need to see evidence of your authority to do so, e.g. a board resolution. Directors of the company often have automatic authority by virtue of their office, but "managers" don't.

Please note that directors in their personal capacity cannot execute a power of attorney on behalf of their company and cannot delegate their own powers as directors. All corporate powers of attorney must be executed by the company itself in accordance with its Articles of Association (or similar constitution for foreign companies).

I may have to carry out a search at the relevant Companies Registry to establish the company's status and your authority. A separate charge will be made for this.

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Notarising translations

Notaries have to ensure that their client understands the meaning and consequences of the document that is being notarised. The notary obviously needs to understand it too. If your document is in a language other than English, it is best if it is accompanied by a full and accurate English translation.

If your document needs to be legalised by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) too, it MUST be in English or be accompanied by a translation.

I normally expect clients to provide the translations themselves. However, if you need me to obtain the translation, I will ask a professional translator and advise you of the extra charge to be paid in advance.

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Certifying copy documents

When certifying copies of original documents I must see the original first; I cannot certify copies if I have not seen the originals. The certification of copy documents can take as long as other notarial work and sometimes longer.

Please note that under UK law it is forbidden to photocopy British birth, marriage or death certificates, because the Crown holds the copyright in them. If you need copies of any of those certificates, you should obtain them from the General Register Office. (See legalisation regarding official certificates.)

If you require copies of a certificate that is not British, then there is usually no problem in copying it.

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Legalisation of documents

Many countries require notarised documents to be legalised too with an "apostille" from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, under the Hague Convention of 1961. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will charge £30.00 for each document, or £75.00 if it is very urgent.

I can also deal with this for you in addition to Notarising your documents.

Some countries still require notarisations to be legalised by their own consulates as well as or instead of by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Some Arab countries also require legalisation by the Arab-British Chamber of commerce. They charge different fees and their procedures vary.

Please note that the notarisation may be ineffective if the receiving country requires legalisation but it is not done. You should therefore check with the person who will be receiving the finished documents from you. I may refuse to notarise the document if I believes that it will be ineffective without legalisation but you have told me that you do not want it legalised.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will also legalise official British birth, marriage and death certificates, but not photocopies. You do not need them notarised first.

Please note that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office offices in Milton Keynes and London will no longer allow members of the public to deal with legalisation at their offices. Only accredited companies are allowed to attend. Our agents are accredited and can turn documentation round quickly

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Responsibilities of a Notary Public

Notarial acts require a high standard of care, as reliance on such acts is made by clients, third parties and foreign governments and officials. The Notary has a responsibility to protect against error, omission, alterations, fraud, and forgery.

Notarial acts are not rubber stamping exercises and the requirements of accuracy and validity cannot be overridden by urgency or expense.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing Notarial responsibility is limited to the Notarial formalities and does not extend to advice on or drafting of documentation or on the matter under consideration.

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The law obliges me to see evidence of the identity and address of every person whose signature I notarise. Please bring your current passport with you, or both parts of your UK driver's licence, with a recent bank statement or utility bill in your name, showing your residential address. I will make and keep photocopies of them. If you want to save a little time while you are here, I am happy to accept photocopies that you have already made, provided that you still bring the originals so that I can compare them.

If I have not already emailed one to you, I will ask you to complete and sign a short notarial instruction form when you arrive and before I see you. The time I take with you will probably be short, but I will have to spend more time afterwards completing and recording the notarial act. If you want to take the documents away with you on the day, you may have to wait for up to an hour while the work is done.

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